Robbins Photo Contest, Round Two: Win a Gold Hard Hat!

In this second installment of our latest blog series, we’re showcasing the winning photo from our quarterly Field Service photo contest. Guess the location and jobsite of this photo and you could win a Robbins hardhat! The first person to submit a correct answer in the comments field will receive a gold Robbins hard hat […] Learn More


Robbins Photo Contest: Win a Gold Hard Hat!

Where was this picture taken? Submit your answer and win a gold hard hat. The contest will be repeated quarterly. Learn More

James Robbins at the Humber River TBM launch, 1956

A Tradition of Innovation: The 2013 Muir Wood Lecture takes a cue from Robbins’ Long History

Find out about the genesis of modern tunnel boring machines, the precursor to EPBs and Slurry machines, and the next steps for our industry in Dick Robbins’ upcoming Sir Alan Muir Wood lecture. Learn More


Salamanders, Pseudo Scorpions, and Quartz Crystals: How my Recent Site Visit proved that TBM Tunneling is the Greenest Way to Go

What do these three things have in common? They all factor in to the environmentally friendly tunneling operations at the Jollyville Transmission Main in Austin, Texas, USA. Read on for more insights from our recent site visit. Learn More

Women in Tunneling Inaugeral Event

What is WIT, and Why Does it Matter?

Women in Tunneling (WIT) is the industry’s newest networking group, dedicated to bringing their namesake demographic together and attracting more women to careers in tunneling and underground construction. Learn More


Onsite First Time Assembly Works: Debunking the Most Common Myths

Joe Roby, Robbins Vice President – Production & Logistics, debunks the most common concerns about OFTA and discusses why the Onsite First Time Assembly method works. Learn More


There are Urgent Projects…and Then There’s Emisor Oriente

After visiting Mexico City’s Emisor Oriente Wastewater Tunnel, I realized something: there are urgent projects, and then there are URGENT PROJECTS. Túnel Emisor Oriente, often abbreviated to TEO by those involved, is the latter. Learn More

Cutter changing at Pahang Selangor.

Research and Development: A Sneak Peek at the Next Generation of Disc Cutters

Robbins disc cutter advancements are accelerating, from pressure compensated disc cutters for soft ground TBMs to remote cutter monitoring. Read on for a snapshot of our latest R&D projects. Learn More


Adventure at West Qinling:Treacherous Roads, Spicy Food, and TBMs

A few months ago one of my colleagues and yours truly presented a two day seminar to the Dongah Geological Company of South Korea on Robbins Hard Rock TBMs. We decided to further develop our relationship with some on-site training at West Qinling. Read on to hear more about our whirlwind trip. Learn More

The launch of the veteran Robbins machine in Toronto, Canada

The Oldest Robbins TBM still in Action? We visit a jobsite in Canada that may be using the World’s Ultimate Workhorse TBM

In operation since 1968, a 2.7 m (8.8 ft) Robbins Main Beam machine currently operating in Ontario, Canada may be the world’s oldest Robbins TBM still in action. Learn More

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