Lok Home
President, Solon

Doug Harding
Vice President-Sales, Solon

Brian Khalighi
Vice President-Engineering, Kent

Dennis Ofiara
Chief Engineer, Solon

Tyler Sandell
Sales Manager, Kent

SBUs, ABMs, and microtunneling:

Tom Fuerst
Utility Tunneling Manager, Solon

Kenny Clever
SBU Product Manager, Solon

Grahame Turnbull
Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling Systems Manager, Solon


Dean Workman
Vice President-Conveyor Systems, Fayetteville

Butch Riffe
Engineer, Fayetteville


Steve Smading
Product Manager, Kent

Aaron Shanahan
Applications Engineer, Kent

Spare Parts:

Greg Noble
Product Manager, Solon

Information Technology

Ian Cahoon
International Director of IT, Kent


Liz Stone
Marketing Manager, Kent

Desiree Willis
Public Relations Manager, Kent

Field Service & Support

King Daniels
Field Service Manager, Solon

Steve Chorley
International Field Service Manager