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Posted May 11 by
Learn about the unique aspects of Europe’s extensive Brenner Base Tunnel project in this in-depth interview with Professor Konrad Bergmeister by freelance journalist Roland Herr. Read More

Posted May 11 by
Those working in tunnelling understand that this is an industry more fascinating than any other. What is it about tunnelling that makes it so exciting to those in the field? Guest author Roland Herr shares his viewpoints and those of two industry experts who have amassed decades of experiences. Read More

Posted March 31 by
Seattle is the founding city of The Robbins Company, and a place where I lived for nearly 15 years and commuted on SR99 while working at Robbins early in my career. As such, the new SR99 Viaduct Replacement Tunnel Project is of great interest to me. The industry is all too familiar with Seattle’s SR99 […] Read More
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Posted February 13 by
Indianapolis, Indiana: home of the NFL Colts, Rolls-Royce, and Steak ‘n Shake. Although a nice steak and milkshake sounds very enticing, I’ve never had a huge desire to visit the twelfth-largest city in the United States. That was until I was invited to visit my very first tunnel, located just a few miles west of […] Read More
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    Lok Home

    Lok has worked in the underground industry for 45 years, from Canadian mine development to field service. He has been President of The Robbins Company since 1998.

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    Brian Khalighi

    Brian has over 22 years experience in the tunneling industry, and has worked on projects around the world including the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project in Iceland.

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    Brad Grothen

    Brad has over 12 years of experience in mechanical and electrical design, as well as project management on industrial and construction equipment.

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    Steve Chorley

    Steve has worked on tunneling projects around the world, including recent mega projects in Malaysia, China, and Spain. He has a broad knowledge of TBM assembly, operation, and ground support.

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    Desiree Willis

    Desiree has explored a wide variety of editorial topics in the tunneling industry, from high cover projects to soft ground TBM design.

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    Amey Yong

    Amey has over ten years of marketing experience, but is fairly new to the tunneling industry. Since 2013, Amey has been coordinating events, managing webinars, and working on various projects for the Robbins Marketing Department. Discover her stories and thoughts from the perspective of someone getting to know the industry, as she digs deeper into her tunneling adventures.

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    Roland Herr

    Roland is a freelance journalist, author, and engineer with decades of experience in the tunneling industry. His blogs explore topics on the cutting edge of underground construction from the unique perspective of both an engineer and a writer.

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    Dave Fisher

    Dave worked on projects around the world in the Robbins Field Service Department beginning in 1991, including projects in China and Australia. He passed away in September 2011 and will be missed by all those who knew him.