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Jobsite personnel celebrate the March 29th breakthrough of North America's first Crossover TBM.

Mexico’s Crossover TBM makes its Mark for Robbins

On March 29, 2016, North America’s first Crossover TBM broke new ground in Mexico City. The 8.7 m (28.5 ft) diameter Robbins XRE—a cross between a rock TBM and an EPB—emerged into an intermediate shaft at Túnel Emisor Poniente (TEP) II. Learn More

On January 27, 2016, a rugged Robbins EPB completed parallel sections of Chennai's  Metro Line 1.

Robbins EPB surmounts Chennai Metro Challenges

On January 27, 2016, a Robbins mixed ground EPB broke through at Chennai Metro, finishing up a challenging second drive that saw the full gamut of difficult conditions. From hard granitic rock to low cover tunneling below a river, the unique obstacles meant the contractor and crew had much to celebrate. Learn More

The crew celebrates the November 2015 breakthrough for the Rosemont Reservoir in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Rosemont Double Shield on a roll for Robbins

A small diameter Robbins Double Shield TBM recently completed a 4 km (2.5 mi) tunnel below city streets in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, capping a project to put the large Rosemont Reservoir back into service after its closure 20 years ago. Learn More

Rossaga breakthrough

Rossaga Main Beam makes Historic Breakthrough

The 7.2 m (23.6 ft) diameter Robbins Main Beam machine had traversed incredibly hard rock, water inflows, and more to become the first TBM in Norway to break through in 23 years. Learn More

Officials from the Mid-Halton Region visit the hard-working Robbins Main Beam, nicknamed “Peggie” in the Solon, Ohio, USA manufacturing facility. Photo Credit: Michelle Hill, NASTT.

Robbins Main Beam Ramps Up at the Mid-Halton Outfall Tunnel

The News in Brief: A 3.5 m (11.5 ft) Robbins Main Beam is a hard rock veteran, with a career spanning 32 years. With the 6.3 km (4.0 mi) Mid-Halton Outfall Tunnel under its belt, the Robbins Main Beam will have bored nearly 30 km (18.6 mi) of tunnels. The refurbished TBM was beefed up […] Learn More


Robbins Crossover TBMs in New Territory

The News in Brief: The 8.7 m (28.5 ft) TBM for Túnel Emisor Poniente II is the first Robbins Crossover TBM to be used in North America. The XRE TBM is a Crossover (X) between rock (R) and EPB (E), and includes features of both a hard rock Single Shield machine and an EPB. The […] Learn More


Register for Complimentary Webinar, What is the Total Cost of Owning a TBM?

Subject: What is the Total Cost of Owning a TBM? Date: September 24, 2015 Time: 07:00 PST, 10:00 EST, 15:00 BST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! Tunnel Boring Machines exist today that have excavated over 50 km (31 mi) of tunnel, and have been in operation for nearly 50 years.  These workhorses have […] Learn More

Main Beam TBM Launches for Hawaii’s Longest Tunnel

“Rock Girl” Revs Up

The News In Brief: A Robbins 3.96 m (13.0 ft) Main Beam TBM launched in spring 2015 to bore Hawaii’s longest tunnel. The 4.8 km (3.0 mi) Kaneohe-Kailua Wastewater Conveyance Tunnel is being built for the City and Council of Honolulu to stem overflows of wastewater after rain events. Southland/Mole JV is constructing the tunnel—the […] Learn More

Speedy Robbins Small Boring Unit finishes Crossing Two Weeks Early

Remotely Controlled SBU set to Revolutionize the Industry

The News In Brief: The Robbins Remote Controlled Small Boring Unit (SBU-RC) is a new type of boring machine capable of excavating small diameter hard rock tunnels at long distances, on line and grade. The SBU-RC is currently manufactured in the 36-inch (900 mm) diameter range, but could be designed as small as 30 inches […] Learn More


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Subject: Fast-Track Your Mine with Proven TBM Technology Date: June 24, 2015 Time: 13:00 PST, 16:00 EST, 06:00 AEST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! Second Option: Pre-Recorded Broadcast Date: June 25, 2015 Time: 07:00 PST, 10:00 EST, 15:00 BST, 16:00 CEST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! Today’s mine development projects […] Learn More