The Next Generation of Versatility

Crossover TBMs take the Guesswork out of Mixed Ground Tunneling

Whether the geology of your project includes sections of hard rock, soft ground, boulders, or a little bit of everything, Robbins has a solution for you.  Not all projects fit within the parameters of specific TBM types, and at Robbins we believe that your machine should be custom-engineered for your unique project requirements.

The Crossover Solution

For the most difficult projects, Robbins Crossover TBMs can offer time-saving and efficient tunneling.  Whether the hybrid design converts between EPB and hard rock modes, between Slurry and hard rock, or between EPB and Slurry is up to you.  From heavy duty screw conveyors that handle rock to interchangeable cutting tools, Robbins Crossover TBMs are designed to cross between ground conditions that would typically require multiple machines.

What is a Crossover TBM?

Crossover TBMs are machine designs that feature advantages from two different types of TBMs, and can “cross over” between widely varying ground types that would normally require multiple machines. They are also known as hybrid or dual mode machines in the tunneling industry. For more on the various Crossover TBMs, please click on the links below to learn more about each machine type.

Crossover Rock/EPB (XRE) TBM

The XRE TBM—standing for a Crossover (X) between Rock (R) and EPB (E), is ideal for mixed soils with rock.

Crossover Slurry/EPB (XSE) TBM

The XSE TBM—standing for a Crossover (X) between Slurry (S) and EPB (E), is ideal for mixed-to-soft ground under water pressure.