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Posted August 18 by
The News In Brief: A Robbins 6.2 m (20.2 ft) diameter Main Beam TBM broke through on July 11, 2014 setting three world records in the process. Multiple world records in the 6 to 7 m (20 to 23 ft) diameter range were broken on the job, including “Most Feet Mined in One Day” (124.9 […] Read More

Posted August 5 by
Multiple fault zones, variable face conditions and squeezing ground requiring extensive bypass tunneling: These were just a few of the challenges overcome in order to successfully complete Turkey’s Kargı Kızılırmak Hydroelectric Project. A Robbins 10 m (32.8 ft) diameter Double Shield TBM achieved breakthrough on the project July 5, 2014 after an impressive run through […] Read More

Posted July 25 by
Every year, the Underground Construction Association (UCA) of SME honors an “Outstanding Individual” at its annual awards banquet, held in conjunction with the North American Tunnel (NAT) Conference. In 2014, Lok Home, President of The Robbins Company, received the award not only for his role as a manufacturer, but also for his work in the industry as a whole. Read More

Posted June 23 by
The News In Brief: Two mixed ground Robbins EPBs and continuous conveyor systems completed tunneling at the San Francisco Central Subway. The Robbins TBMs, for the Barnard/Impregilo/Healy JV, were designed with active articulation to excavate curves as small as 137 m (450 ft.) in radius. The last of two breakthroughs for the Robbins EPBs occurred […] Read More

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Robbins Hard Rock TBMs: Return to Norway

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