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Register for Complimentary Webinar, A Myth Dispelled by President Lok Home

Subject: A Myth Dispelled: In Difficult Ground, the Time for Drill & Blast Excavation has Passed Date: April 15, 2015 Time: 10:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM GMT, 2:00 PM WEST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! In the modern-day tunneling industry, one outdated perception remains: Traditional, tested methods are always the best. When presented with […] Learn More

The Robbins Crossover Series of TBMs is denoted with an "X", followed by "RE", "SE", or "RS", depending on the combination of characteristics the machine has.

Announcing the Crossover Series of Robbins Dual Mode TBMs

Robbins proudly announces its Crossover Series of TBMs, a line of field-tested, rugged Dual Mode-type machines. Crossover TBMs feature aspects of two TBM types, and are ideal for mixed ground conditions that might otherwise require multiple tunneling machines. The XRE (standing for Crossover Rock /EPB) is the most common type of hybrid machine, and features […] Learn More

Breakthrough Robbins “Crossover” Machine Breaks Through

The News in Brief: The Grosvenor Decline tunnel marks the first method of a TBM being used in a coal mine in Queensland. The unique Crossover Rock/EPB TBM features design aspects from both hard rock Single Shield and soft ground EPB TBMs to bore through a variety of ground. The “Crossover” designation is new for […] Learn More

Workers from the local tunnelers union, known as the Sandhogs, celebrate as the EPB breaks into the slurry wall of the exit shaft.

Robbins teams up to bring Embattled TBM back to Life

The News In Brief: Breaking through on January 28, 2015, the rebuilt EPB at NYC’s Harbor Siphons tunnel overcame obstacles including flooding, extensive rebuild work, and difficult ground. The CAT-manufactured machine was fully submerged by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 and became severely corroded by saltwater. Contractor Tully/OHL USA JV hired Robbins to rebuild and […] Learn More


Robust Robbins EPB begins Light Rail Link

On Monday, November 17, 2014 a robust Robbins EPB previously used successfully in mixed ground in Singapore was launched on the North Link Light Rail Extension in Seattle, Washington, USA. Learn More

Mixed Ground EPB clears first tunnel, gears up for second

Robbins up for the Challenge at Chennai Metro

On July 8, 2014, a Robbins mixed ground EPB broke through at Chennai Metro, capping a challenging drive that saw a full spectrum of difficult conditions. The 1,063 m (0.66 mi) long drive for contractor Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. is part of Lot UAA-01 on Line 1 of the city’s metro, consisting of two parallel 1 […] Learn More

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Insight on the OFTA Webinar Speakers

Robbins will be hosting the third webinar in its 2014 series titled,  “Insight on Onsite Assembly: Why OFTA is Revolutionizing TBM Tunneling” on Tuesday, November 18th. Get the insight on the speakers, including Robbins President Lok Home and Robbins Manager of Projects Mike Kolenich, before the webinar! And remember, we want to hear from you.  Submit your questions beforehand and […] Learn More

Register for Complimentary Webinar Led by Robbins President Lok Home on OFTA

Register for Complimentary Webinar Led by Robbins President Lok Home on OFTA

Subject: Insight on Onsite Assembly: Why OFTA is Revolutionizing TBM Tunneling Date: November 18, 2014 Time: 10:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM GMT, 3:00 PM WEST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! In today’s world of fast-paced project schedules and strict contracts, ultra-efficient TBM assembly and launch is of critical importance. Learn how to save […] Learn More

The TBM was transported 2 km (1.2 mi) from one tunnel to the next by way of a 600 metric ton (661 US ton) lift that took the machine in two large sections.

Robbins Pioneers TBMs in Mines

In August 2014, major progress was made at a coal mine in Queensland, Australia, when a Robbins Dual Mode EPB/Rock TBM was successfully rolled out from the first of two access tunnels. The specialized machine is the first TBM to be used at a coal mine in Queensland, and there are many aspects of both […] Learn More

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Register for Complimentary Webinar and Learn Lessons from the Field

Subject: Lessons Learned from the Field: The Greatest Challenges in TBM Tunneling Date: September 30, 2014 Time: 9:00 AM EST, 1:00 PM GMT, 2:00 PM WEST Hosted By: Robbins Register Now, Limited Spaces Available! When tunneling through the earth, there are no guarantees. Difficult and unexpected ground can come up at any time, and knowing how […] Learn More