Category: Brochures & Spec Sheets

Difficult Ground Brochure

Even in the most well-planned projects, tough conditions can come up. Everything from squeezing ground to fault zones to sudden inflows of water and mud can delay your project significantly. Find out how our field service teams have dealt with the most challenging
conditions worldwide.

SBU-RC Spec Sheet

The SBU-RC is a game-changer for the trenchless industry, making long, line-and-grade-sensitive crossings possible at small diameter. The SBU-RC is an unmanned, articulated mixed ground and hard rock boring machine for use with standard Auger Boring Machines (ABMs) or pipe jacking systems.

Continuous Conveyor Spec Sheet

Robbins’ continuously advancing conveyors are designed to increase the efficiency of muck removal and vastly simplify tunneling logistics. Robbins Continuous Conveyors have been successfully employed on nearly 100 projects worldwide—more than any other TBM tunnel conveyor manufacturer.

Crossover XSE Spec Sheet

If the geology of your project includes high permeability soils combined with sections of low permeability ground, the Crossover XSE is the solution for you. Not all projects fit within the parameters of specific TBM types, and at Robbins we believe that your machine should be custom-engineered for your unique project requirements. That’s where the Crossover Series of TBMs comes in.

Crossover XRE Spec Sheet

Whether the geology of your project includes sections of hard rock, soft ground, boulders, or a little bit of everything, Robbins has a solution for you. Not all projects fit within the parameters of specific TBM types, and at Robbins we believe that your machine should be custom-engineered for your unique project requirements. The XRE TBM offers the best features of both EPB and Hard Rock Single Shield TBMs.

Main Beam TBM Spec Sheet

Robbins Main Beam machines feature High Performance (HP) options including large diameter cutters, variable frequency electric drive motors, and adaptable ground support systems. Their design consists of a rotating cutterhead that holds disc cutters (ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches in diameter), which are positioned for optimal boring.

EPB TBM Spec Sheet

Robbins has integrated over 60 years of TBM design and jobsite experience into our innovative Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBMs. Robbins EPBs are engineered with the same rugged structure and time-tested designs of our hard rock TBMs, but their function is purely for soft and mixed ground.

Double Shield TBM Spec Sheet

Robbins Double Shield TBMs are the long-haul specialists of the tunnel boring world. Since their development in 1972, Double Shield machines have excavated some of the world’s longest tunnels and achieved world records in the process. The secret lies in their ability to simultaneously bore and line the tunnel with segments, making for faster excavation even in difficult ground.

Disc Cutters Spec Sheet

Robbins designs and manufactures the most technically advanced disc cutters worldwide with a commitment to high quality and continual improvement. No matter the geology, no matter the machine type or manufacturer, no matter the size- Robbins has the cutting solution to meet your needs.

Slurry Microtunneling Spec Sheet

Microtunneling systems are the optimal choice for smaller diameter, unmanned tunnel boring projects. With these systems, the tunnel boring machine (MTBM) is driven and monitored remotely from the surface and is capable of single pass installations on line and grade per industry standards. The surface-located operation room houses the operator station and drive motor controls for the MTBM and its slurry pumps. Hydraulic power units for the main and intermediate jacking stations are housed separate to the operation room. Robbins has a full staff of eld service and support personnel to train and assist as needed to ensure successful project completion.