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High-Speed Tunneling in the Himalayas: Over 1,200 Meters a Month at Bheri Babai

Nepal’s first TBM-driven tunnel was a success by any standard: The Robbins Double Shield machine bored up to 1,200 meters a month and finished the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project nearly a year early. Listen in on our conversation with Brad Grothen P.E., Robbins Technical Director, and Missy Isaman P.E., Robbins Project Engineer, as we discuss the challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for future tunnels in mountainous geology.

When the Going Gets Tough: Thuong Kon Tum Hydroelectric Project

Take a trip with Robbins to the scenic Thuong Kon Tum project in Vietnam where a 4.5 m Main Beam TBM has completed boring. After being left in high humidity and groundwater for 14 months, it was up to Robbins and contractor CC47 to step in and turn this project around. Watch the video for an inside look at how Robbins crews tackled multiple fault zones and major water influxes, all while maintaining the required advance rates.

The Crossover in 3D: Robbins XRE TBMs

Robbins Crossover TBMs are the adaptable solution to the world’s most challenging tunnel projects. This video explains how Robbins Crossover XREs, a hybrid of Hard Rock and EPB TBMs, work and why they are the solution for mixed ground tunnels worldwide.

Akron’s Crossover TBM: Powering Through Tough Geology

Watch a 9.26 m Robbins Crossover XRE TBM, dubbed “Rosie” in honor of Rosie the Riveter, tackle tough ground on the Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT).

Overcoming Fault Zones and Water Inflows: Thuong Kon Tum Hydro Project

In this short clip, Robbins Field Service personnel discuss how they handled boring through hard rock, fault zones, and water inflows at the Thuong Kon Tum Hydro Project in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam.

Moving Projects Forward: Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel

Robbins and joint venture contractor Kenny/Obayashi worked together to achieve a short startup schedule at the Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel. Field Service personnel assisted in TBM assembly and trained crews to achieve a smooth startup. Watch this short for a quick word from Kenny Construction’s Project Manager David Chastka on working with Robbins Field Service.

Overcoming Tough Ground: Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel

In this short video, David Chastka, Kenny Construction Project Manager, discusses how Robbins Field Service and his team surmounted the challenge of launching immediately into difficult ground at the Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel.

The Robbins Company: Focused Forward

The Robbins Company has been the foremost manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines and underground construction equipment for over 60 years. Journey through the company history as told by Robbins employees, and hear about the latest innovations and design concepts that make Robbins a thought-leader in the industry.

Robbins Disc Cutter Assembly - Time Lapse

Did you know that all Robbins disc cutters are assembled in Kent, Washington, USA? See how we do it in this time lapse construction of a Small Boring Unit disc cutter, 6.5 inches in diameter.

Robbins Crossover TBM: Breaking Records at TEP II

At Mexico City’s Túnel Emisor Poniente II (TEP II), a Robbins Crossover (XRE) TBM has excavated at record-breaking speeds through varying geology – even breaking a national record of 57 meters in a single day. Watch how the 8.7 m diameter Robbins Crossover machine will supplement an existing and overtaxed wastewater line built in the 1970’s.