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Microtunneling Machines


Small Diameter, Enormous Power

Complete your next bore more efficiently and more safely.  Robbins Heavy Duty Slurry Microtunneling machines can take on the some of the toughest bores the world has to offer.

The Robbins Company developed the Slurry Microtunneling Machine to be more reliable and productive. Since we know your crew’s safety is important, we have made it a top priority. We match or exceed safety standards that are required by the industry, no matter where you are in the world.

What is Microtunneling?

Microtunneling systems are the optimal choice for small diameter, unmanned tunnel boring projects.  With these systems, the Microtunneling Machine (MTBM) is driven and monitored remotely from the surface and is capable of single-pass installations on line and grade per industry standards. The surface-located operation room houses the operator station and drive motor controls for the MTBM and its slurry pumps. Hydraulic power units for the main and intermediate jacking stations are housed separate to the operation room. Robbins has a full staff of field service and support personnel to train and assist as needed to ensure successful project completion.

Versatile Tunneling

Robbins MTBMs bore tunnels with unique and versatile specifications that are determined by customer preference as well as project and technical requirements.

  • Ranging in diameter from DN 1000 to DN 3000
  • Soft ground, mixed face or rock formations
  • Operates below the water table. Standard systems can operate with hydrostatic head up to 3 bar
  • MTBMs of DN 1100 and larger can be manufactured with face access, which allows back-loading cutting tools to be safely changed and inspected from within the MTBM
  • Both analog and digital guidance/data logging systems offered
  • Custom-sized machines are also available

Features and Benefits:

  • Customization: MTBMs can be custom built to suit your project
  • Efficiency: Electric drive for maximum power
  • Speed: VFD speed control for constant torque
  • Assistance: Guidance systems to suit project complexity
  • Factory made Skin-Up kits
  • Telescopic or compact jacking frames
  • Intermediate jacking stations with custom configurations
  • Complete separation systems can be supplied

MTBM Applications:

  • Below water table up to 3 bar pressure
  • Soft ground, mixed face and rock tunneling projects
  • DN 1000 to DN 3000
  • Line and grade sensitive drives and curved drives
  • Drives requiring specific casing types such as vitrified clay, polymer concrete, fiberglass, composite and steel casing

Your Project — From beginning to end

Like our widely known and extremely productive SBU product line, Robbins also offers complete rental packages of MTBMs with options to purchase.

Please contact our Sales Department for proposal of any of the above mentioned equipment: Call or email a Robbins representative to discuss your project today. Since Robbins has had years of experience with underground projects, we are capable of discussing the details of your project and recommending the right machine for your job.

Purchase or Lease?

Robbins offers individual MTBMs or entire packages including ancillary equipment such as Pipe Jacking Stations, shaft seals, and slurry plants for purchase or lease. MTBMs are available from DN 1000 to DN 3000. All of these products are available from our facilities in Solon, Ohio USA or Shanghai, China. The MTBM can be leased for the project and then purchased with most of the lease monies applied to a purchase at project completion.

Support on the Job Site

A Microtunneling system can be a daunting task to set up and operate.  The Robbins Company can help the most experienced, or novice, MTBM contractor with on-site technical support to match your level of need.   Our goal is to exceed your expectations of Robbins and help you complete your project in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible.

Robbins Microtunneling Machine Specifications

DN 1000 1,295 mm
(50.9 in)
1,280 mm
(50.4 in)
37 kW
(50 hp)
69 kNm
(50,892 lb-ft)
0-5 rpm 2 x 1960 kN
(2 x 440,626 lb)
DN 1200 1,505 mm
(59.3 in)
1,490 mm
(58.7 in)
45 kW
(60 hp)
81 kNm
(59,743 lb-ft)
0-5 rpm 4 x 1470 kN
(4 x 330,469 lb)
DN 1500 1,810 mm
(71.3 in)
1,780 mm
(70.1 in)
90 kW
(121 hp)
208 kNm
(153,413 lb-ft)
0-4 rpm 4 x 1470 kN
(4 x 330,469 lb)
DN 1800 2,150 mm
(85 in)
2,120 mm
(83.5 in)
88 kW
(118 hp)
420 kNm
(309,776 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 4 x 1960 kN
(4 x 440,626 lb)
DN 2000 2,425 mm
(95 in)
2,400 mm
(94.5 in)
120 kW
(161 hp)
553 kNm
(407,872 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 4 x 1960 kN
(4 x 440,626 lb)
DN 2200 2,725 mm
(107.3 in)
2,700 mm
(106.3 in)
120 kW
(161 hp)
553 kNm
(407,872 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 6 x 1960 kN
(6 x 440,626 lb)
DN 2400 3,025 mm
(119 in)
3,000 mm
(118.1 in)
180 kW
(241 hp)
859 kNm
(633,566 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 6 x 1960 kN
(6 x 440,626 lb)
DN 2600 3,127 mm
(123.1 in)
3,100 mm
(122.0 in)
180 kW
(241 hp)
980 kNm
(722,811 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 6 x 1960 kN
(6 x 440,626 lb)
DN 3000 3,625 mm
(142.7 in)
3,600 mm
(141.7 in)
222 kW
(298 hp)
1,246 kNm
(919,002 lb-ft)
0-3 rpm 8 x 1960 kN
(8 x 440,626 lb)