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Auger Boring Machines


Take on the toughest bores with the Robbins ABM

Complete your next bore more efficiently and more safely. Designed to work with Robbins SBUs, Robbins Heavy Duty Auger Boring Machines can take on the some of the toughest bores.

The Robbins Company developed the Heavy Duty Auger Boring Machine to be more reliable and productive. Since we know your crew’s safety is important, we have made it a top priority. We match or exceed safety standards that are required by the industry.

What is an ABM?

An Auger Boring Machine (ABM) is used to bore horizontally through soil or rock with a cutting head and auger. The majority of ABMs are used to install pipe casing under railroads, highways, airport runways, creeks or any area of ground that cannot be open cut or disturbed in any way.

There are many types of cutting attachments for this machine. They range from backhoe teeth cutters for cutting through soil to the Robbins Small Boring Unit for boring hard rock.

Initially, the ABM is set up in the starting pit on a predetermined length of track. A backing plate, usually a steel or reinforced concrete block, is installed in the wall opposite of the boring to withstand the thrust exerted by the boring machine. The machine bores through the earth with a cutting head and the jacking force is provided by the hydraulic thrust. The pipe casing and auger sections are added as the machine advances. Spoil is removed from the auger through the casing to a door located on the side of the machine.

The right machine for your job: Diameters, Lengths and Strengths


Several sizes of ABMs are readily available in any bore diameter with standard English (inch) or metric (mm) casing sizes. If it is not in our inventory, we will custom make the machine for your project.


The majority of the crossings are 80 ft (24.4 m) to 225 ft (68m) long; however, some drives have been over 600 ft (180 m) in length. The length of the drive depends on the ground conditions. Talk to a Robbins representative to discuss your specific project.


That means the machine can excavate sand, gravel, clay, and rock of any type. With the Robbins Small Boring Unit, the ABM can excavate rock faster in small diameter drives than any other method available.

Features and Benefits

  • Hook Roller Safety Locks
    Assures the machine is locked into the track without manual hook up.
  • Robbins Rapid Split
    Allows for fast removal of the power unit from the ABM base for shut down or in case of potential flooding of pit. All major components are taken out of pit without disturbing casing alignment or machine set up.
  • Hydraulic Clutch
    Ease in operating the clutch and has smooth engage and disengage movement. Note: May be unhooked for manual operation.
  • Electronic Anti-tilt Switch
    Aids in the emergency shut down of a potential roll over situation of the ABM. Note: Does not prevent roll over.
  • Pushbar Engagement Indicator
    Enables the operator to see that pushbar dogs are locked into the holes on the track.
  • Proportional Controls
    Ease in operating the hydraulic functions.
  • Running Lights
    Allows the operator to see the subject even through the late shifts.
  • Large Tool Box
    A large sized storage box mounted on the master pusher for ease and availability of common hand tools used in the bore pit.
  • Winch
    Retracts the ABM to original starting position to add another piece of casing. Note: This winch is not to be used to pull augers, casing, etc.
  • Vandalism Shield (optional)
    Acts as a cover for the ABM to repel weather and vandals from damaging the ABM when not in use.



Can be utilized for many varieties of soil, sand, clay, cobble, glacial till, soft shale and some sand stone. For harder material use the Robbins SBU with your ABM.


Prevents breakage of major components and comes in a variety of forms and sizes.


Commonly used to manually steer an auger bore (please contact Robbins for more information).


Allows the ABM to perform smaller bores than its fitted diameter (for example: 36″ ABM can perform 24″ bores).

AUGERS OF 12″ TO 84″

Available with 3″, 4″, 5″, or 6″ hex drives. Robbins can also offer augers in metric diameters and lengths.

Your Project — From beginning to end

Robbins also offers complete rental packages of ABMs, augers, cutterheads and/or SBU units with options to purchase:

Please contact our Sales Department for proposal of any of the above mentioned equipment: Call or email a Robbins representative to discuss your project today. Since Robbins has had years of experience with underground projects, we are capable of discussing the details of your project and recommending the right machine for your job.

Purchase or Lease?

Robbins offers individual ABMs or entire packages including ABM, auger, cutting heads, and Robbins Small Boring Units (SBUs) for purchase or lease. ABMs are available in 4 models, in base machine diameters ranging from 36″ to 72″, and with lift kits available up to 84″. All of these products are available in our Solon, Ohio or Kent, Washington facilities. The ABM can be leased by the month with a minimum of a two-week lease. If you decide to purchase the machine after leasing, most of the lease paid will be applied to the purchase at project completion.


One of Robbins experienced technical staff will set up your ABM. We will come to your jobsite and teach you and your crew best practices for using your ABM.

Robbins Auger Boring Machine Specifications

Component ABM 36-630 ABM 42-630 ABM 48-950 ABM 54-950 ABM 60-950
Engine Deutz F6L914 Lift Kit Deutz BF6L914C Lift Kit Lift Kit
Net Power Continuous 114 hp @ 2300 rpm 174hp @ 2300 rpm
Peak Torque 295 ft-lbs 597 ft-lbs
Clutch 13″ 13″
Transmission Spicer 5 speed Spicer 5 speed
Hex Drive 4″ 5″ (Optional 4″)
Gearbox Ratio 54.2:1 54.2:1
Hydraulic Pump 45 gpm @ 5000 psi 45 gpm @ 5000 psi
Cylinders 2 x 9″ 3 x 9″
Max. Thrust 636,000 lbs. 954,000 lbs.
Master Track Length 12′ 13′

More Robbins Auger Boring Machine Specifications

Component ABM 60-1270 ABM 66-1270 ABM 72-1270 ABM 72-1500 ABM 78-1500 ABM 84-1500
Engine Cat C-7 Lift Kit Lift Kit Cat C-9 Lift Kit Lift Kit
Net Power Continuous 250 hp @ 2200 rpm 300 hp @ 2000
Peak Torque 597 ft-lbs 789 ft-lbs
Clutch 14″ Dual Disc 14″ Dual Disc
Transmission Eaton 6 speed Eaton 9 speed
Hex Drive 5″ 6″ (Optional 5″)
Gearbox Ratio 40.0:1 35.7:1
Hydraulic Pump 62.3 gpm @ 5000 psi 62.3 gpm @ 5000 psi
Cylinders 4 x 9″ 4 x 10″
Max. Thrust 1,270,000 lbs. 1,500,000 lbs.
Master Track Length 13′ 15′